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We were in our early twenties when we moved to Osoyoos, to open our business and share our love of travel with anyone who would let us!
Having just returned from living out of a backpack for almost two years WE were pumped.
We started a family in 1986, having three boys in the course of eight years. We continued to travel, as a family, visiting several of the "All Inclusive Resorts" that were fast becoming the popular way to travel. This did not stop us from our love of more "adventurous"' travel. We have packed up our pedal bikes and flown to Frankfurt, to cycle along the shores of the Rhine River, we have travelled throughout Turkey with a small group and sailed in the Aegean Sea on a sail boat!
We have also stood in line with 2000 other people , anxious to board luxury cruise ships in the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and also Alaska.
River Cruising in Europe has also been sampled and loved by us and MOST recently we have discovered the 
African Animals!! Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania - We are the ones to talk to about this!!
All of this is what we do! Travel, Travel, Travel whenever we get the chance. It's in our blood - it's what we love to do!

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