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If luxury and private safari is what you long for, you’ll find both in abundance in our Kenya and Tanzania Safari Experience. Sanctuaries for indulgence sitting within the Masai Mara region, our most popular and asked for trip is truly an exclusive experience of Kenya & Tanzania's wildest lives.


The Getaway Gals has had Another Successful Trip!! September of 2022 we had the pleasure of visiting WHITEHORSE and All it has to offer!!
It was an amazing trip - fun was had by All! Northern Lights were AMAZING!!
What could possibly be in store for 2023???


Designed by Canadians for Canadians... this special GLOBUS tour pays tribute to all who have served their country in the Great War and WW2. 

Paris, Giverny, Normandy Area - Landing Beaches, Ranville, Honfleur, Dieppe, Amines, Somme Area, Vimy Ridge, Ypres.

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